How To Get A .Com Domain For 1 Dollar

How To Get A .Com Domain For 1 Dollar

Hello Every one in this video I will show you how do Get .com domain at $1. First who am I I am owner Here you will get Hosting deals. Hosting coupon cheap domain , cheap Hosting and many more also you will get free information how do handle posting cPanel and many more. So let’s start.

open godaddy site

First you need to click the link in the description for the Godaddy. Then you can. Go to the And here you need to choose your domain.

site godaddy open

So I will take randomly any kind of domain like.  and search  Now if the domain is available it will show me available.

You can see the domain is here.

Now you can see the price in the INR  Indian national Rupees. So you need to change it to dollar.

change the inr to dollar

For that you need to scroll down and change INR into Dollar  After that you will see a different kind of price.

On the domain. You can see the price is different  but this price is for 2 years and we need for the one year only So We just click add to cart. Continue the cart.

And here you need to click no domain protection if you needed you can click here. What is domain protection you can check my website. You will see the articles there.

And after this yAou will see the 2 years price. Now we create it 1 year. And here you can see the prize is 11.$99.

apply secret coupon code

then there’s a promo code we need to delete it. After that we apply the secret promo code we have it. The promo code in the description as well  Apply. And you can see the price is now only $0.99


Click on ready to pay. And here you can pay by the credit card. Or you can continue with your email id You need to sign up here.

. I will put a random email. Username is hostinggap password is random you can use any password you want. Create the account  And now we will go to the. Payment section.

. Here you need to put your full details . Any country you live in you can put it here. After that you will see the payment method in the payment method you need to put the credit card.

If you don’t have a credit card and you live in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh any Asian countries then you need a credit card which work godaddy and other online stuff. In my next video you will get how to get virtual credit card so you can use easily That credit card you can load money by Paytm and google pay. So please go on my website my website is you can search on the google as well. So in this video I hope you get it all the info and if you have any kind of query  you can mail me or you Skype me as well. All the details in the video description there is the telegram channels as well there you can contact me as well. Also you will see the best hosting services in the link in the description you can click on the link and get Hosting. I hope you enjoy the video and for the next video you will get it the full info for the credit card. Thank you.

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